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Exciting news!!!


Ogo has a new name ... Omeo!  Not only does it have a brand new name, but it has a multitude of improvements and has now officially been launched in the United States as of March 7, 2019! 


Great news for US customers.  A beginning to a new life for many.

'Life-changing wheelchair' made in New Zealand, ready for world market

Ben Lucas has one word to explain his new wheelchair: freedom.

Since he took delivery of the hands-free, motorized chair in December, things have changed for the Christchurch man.

"Its been quite profound, the change. I can't stop thinking of all the things I can do and will do now.

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Be sure to visit:


This is a one-stop connection to resources about the Assistive Technology Act, State Assistive Technology Programs, and general assistive technology information.  Here you can also find help with financing your Ogo purchase!



For me and countless other people with disabilities, accessibility is the number one consideration when selecting a hotel. But accessibility encompasses much more than the design of a shower or the placement of grab bars. Ease of booking, bed height, location of power outlets, access to lighting fixtures, hotel location, transportation options and more are all factors that determine whether a hotel will satisfy my needs. Click to read more.

Omeo Charleston Workshop on July 24, 2017 saw a lot of smiles and happy faces

The Ogo Charleston Workshop had a fantastic turnout. Everyone handled the Ogo with ease and enjoyed trying it. People came from as far as Indiana, Virginia, Sumter, and SC, Myrtle Beach, SC to try it!  The Ogo means a new life for stroke survivors, spinal cord injuries, disabled veterans, and all different disabilities.  Ogo Technology would like to thank everybody for attending.  Y'all (I am in South Carolina) made it a fun event!  Thank you very much!  

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