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Buy an Omeo

You can buy an Omeo by clicking here!


Omeo Purchase Price:   $19,950




  • User Manual and videos

  • Omeo Agent assistance

  • Initial 3 hours training

  • freight ex NZ – to Agent, or your preferred address

  • import tariffs (if any)

  • customs handling and custom's agent fees

  • local Sales tax GST or VAT 

  • marine insurance to your door (it is easier and cheaper for us to arrange).

Ongoing coaching (can be provided at an additional cost).

A deposit is payable on order (included in purchase price).



Payment is by electronic funds transfer/wire direct to Omeo Technology.


Credit cards may only be used for payment of the deposit  (we do not accept Amex and Diners) and a processing fee will apply.




Click here for information on financing your Omeo!

Upon receipt of your order we will:

  1. Send you a Device Configuration Notice and Invoice for the deposit.

  2. Confirm receipt of the deposit for the Omeo – once paid.
    Once we have received the pre-order assessment from your agent and have received the deposit, your order will be accepted.
    Then, we will:

  3. Notify you as your Omeo is being assembled and confirm shipping details with you as it is nearing completion. NB. We assume shipping by sea. Please advise if you want to make alternative arrangements.

  4. Issue you a Final Price Sheet/Invoice for the final payment 

  5. Ship your Omeo to your Agent once we have received your final payment

  6. If you are importing (other than New Zealand, Australia, the European Community and the United States), the customs broker will contact you for customs fees, tariffs, taxes if applicable

  7. Your Omeo Agent will contact you to arrange delivery and free training

  8. Then, you are now part of the Omeo Community!


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