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Useful Links

The following links are in no particular order and are not necessarily Omeo-related, but could be useful for someone disabled, recently disabled, caregivers and anyone in need of information regarding disabilities in general and new gadgets helpful in tackling all sorts of disabilities.  This list will be permanently updated and supplemented.  If you have any suggestions for additional helpful links, please call me at 843-605-0447 or email me at  I appreciate it very much!  Disabled people have to help each other, in particular newly disabled persons who have been "thrown into cold water" and need our support and useful information!  Thank you very much!

  • American Heart Association

  • Bioness, electrical AFO, Great against foot drop after e.g. a stroke, MS etc. for people who are still able to walk with or without walker/cane.  The under the knee device is pricey, but so helpful. Walking is so much easier.  Your quality of life will improve tremendously!  Check out the additional devices for leg/arm, Bioness offers.

  • Walkaide, same as the Bioness Device, however; the latter is the one to buy.  I had the Bioness Device, the L-300 Go now for 16 years and it is part of my life.  It is technologically advanced and a real help in overcoming my deficits.

  • Saebo at, Saebo offers a variety of rehabilitation products for arm, shoulder, hand, foot and cognition.  Also it conducts webinars and gives free exercises necessary for a speedy recovery.  Its products are of good quality and assist your recovery.  I can only recommend.

  • Mark Cuban Cost Plus Pharmacy, With the disability, comes the need for medication.  However; many disabled people are unable to continue their respective jobs and are therefore in financial dire straights.  Prices of medications are exorbitant in the US.  This "pharmacy" offers medications at very affordable prices and will further expand.

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